Realm of Giants
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Available on iOS & Android

Realm of Giants will release on iOS & Android, so you can travel the realm and manage your town and armies all from your mobile devices.

Turned Based Combat

Rise to the occasion and battle your foes in strategic turn based battles, with hundreds of random encounters and chance upon encounter outcomes, do you believe you’ll be the one to find a secret encounter and get the rewards? With a combat system that is easy to pick up but hard to master and hundreds of encounter possibilities, will you grind for glory or just fight when necessary or just enough to get by.  The choice is yours.

Giants of Insurmountable Strength

Encounter Epic Boss battles that rival and go far beyond comparability to the player themselves.  These fights do not hold your hand but require clever use of items and numbers to defeat, but lose to many and your people will begin to judge your leadership.  So is it a fight to the last man or a cautionary retreat?

About the Game

In Realm of Giants (RoG) you are the heir to the throne and the son of King Sargon, High-lord of the city of Rynor.   In your lifetime your father and thus your kingdom will soon know an age of peace, by unifying all in the land of Ardinnium.

However your life would soon take a terrible turn of fate, as you and all under your banner would be ambushed by an opposing force, on your travels.  The battle seemed to be in your favor, until an unheard of creature not seen in ages past, known as a giant, sprung forth shackled in chains under the command of the enemy, with its insurmountable strength, you and your men, including your father perished.

..Or so it seemed.   Time passed, as you laid resting as the outside world has changed, until one day you miraculously awoken in your family crypt, and beside you a women, praying to the gods.  Your world may of changed, but your memories have not.  You knew the return of the Giants could mean only one thing.  The gods are at war, and the world of men their battleground.

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Epic Bosses



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