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Realm of Giants – Introduction

In Realm of Giants (RoG) you are the heir to the throne and the son of King Sargon, High-lord of the city of Rynor.   In your lifetime your father and thus your kingdom will soon know an age of peace, by unifying all in the land of Ardinnium.

However your life would soon take a terrible turn of fate, as you and all under your banner would be ambushed by an opposing force, on your travels.  The battle seemed to be in your favor, until an unheard of creature not seen in ages past, known as a giant, sprung forth shackled in chains under the command of the enemy, with its insurmountable strength, you and your men, including your father perished.

..Or so it seemed.   Time passed, as you laid resting as the outside world has changed, until one day you miraculously awoken in your family crypt, and beside you a women, praying to the gods.  Your world may of changed, but your memories have not.  You knew the return of the Giants could mean only one thing.  The gods are at war, and the world of men their battleground.


Realm of Giants – Features

Launch Features:

  • Incremental unfolding Game meets Turn based Combat RPG Tactically plan your city, as you grow from a lowly cave dweller to a bustling empire.  Then once you have established a small force, go out into the world and defeat foes for resources to then use towards improvements of both your city and armies.  As your town goes over time so does your opportunities out in the world and places and people to discover.


  • Epic Boss Fights and Rewards As your army grows so will your Town to fuel them, you will eventually uncover bosses, the bosses can range to special variations of a normal enemy to insanely hard challenges such as giants, who cannot be defeated without massive army’s backing you up if you manage to defeat them however powerful character upgrades and even town upgrades are yours for the taking.


  •  Town Management In Realm of Giants, as you grow your town more features will unlock, and you will be able to choose what each town member can be, from a farmer to miner or even move over town citizens into your army, the bigger the army the more resources needed to fuel their march of war.


  • Intuitive UI  Clean and intuitive UI for both navigation and town management, players can easily pick up from were they left off and keep track of all incremental details, from town population,  treasury, and army information.  All presented in an easy to understand user interface.


  • Turn based Combat In realm of giants, combat is turned based and inspired by timeless classics, but taken a step further in many ways enemies have mental states, energy levels and much more, although you will see similar enemies often, no two enemies are stat wise the same, one wolf may changed to an undead wolf becoming much harder to kill mid fight and another be injured at the start of a fight leading you for an easy win.   You can even encounter special extremely rare variants such as shiny enemies that give rarer loot and items, even secret bosses.


  • Giants In RoG the Giants take centre stage as each giant is unique and has certain conditions for it to arrive to meet you in battle.  Each time a giant is defeated the closer you get to uncovering the final location and reason as to why the giants have awoken.   Each Giant is progressively harder, and under certain conditions get stronger, and some can even evolve outside of combat.  It is up to you the player to rid your land of the giants, the creatures that the gods have unleashed upon Atulas.  Launch is planned to include 10 Giants, with more Giants later in free updates or paid DLC packs this includes and is not limited to Expansion packs that include a number of giants and new locations, items and loot (subject to change). 

Future Plans:

  • World of Giants  Realm of Giants takes place in the fictional world of Tarphae, on the continent Atulas at launch the only Realm available within Atulas is Ardinnium and all locations within, but later updates are planned to include new locations and other realms on Atulas, and perhaps even entire continents, such as the far western continent of Hystos, although more realms will surely come, continents are a big undertaking and are more of an expansion and if it is feasible at the time in the future for the developer.


  • Giant Taming In the future will hope to implement Giant taming so that players can control giants they have defeated and tamed.  Even I the developer want this to be a reality, but it is not on the priority list as of now.  But I am aware that a giant vs a giant would be an amazing thing to witness.
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